1. Do you currently hold the proper license and Insurances required by the State of Florida?
Yes. RRC is a fully licensed and insured contracting firm. We currently hold state certified licenses for Residential Construction and roofing. We highly encourage you to check MYFLORIDLICENSE.COM to verify any contractor you are considering holds the proper license. It is also a good policy to contact the insurance carrier at the phone number listed on the Insurance certificate to confirm the proper insurance policies are in good standing. All RRC representatives carry a copy of the licenses and insurance certificates with them. Please ask! We are happy to show you our credentials.
2. How does RRC come up with pricing for a new roof?
Roofing prices are set by the local markets as with any business. There are several factors that must be included. A contractor must factor in the obvious expenses such as labor, materials and permit fees. A contractor must also factor in the operating costs such as office rent, general liability insurance, and workers compensation insurance, automobile insurance, fuel costs dump fees among others. At RRC we do our best to operate with a small but knowledgeable staff. This helps us keep our fixed costs lower to allow us to provide you with the best possible price for a licensed and insured contractor
3. My insurance company didn't pay for my entire roof, what should I do now?

Our staff is very knowledgeable regarding our services. We will perform a thorough inspection to be certain the roof fits requirements set forth in the Florida Building Code to meet full replacement. We are happy to properly document any damage we find and submit that report to you and your insurance carrier. An RRC representative will meet with your insurance adjuster as needed to review the current condition of the roof covering. If full replacement is not warranted by your policy, we offer various payment plans that will allow you to have your roof completely replaced.

4. Do you help with the design for my outdoor living space?
Yes. Our expert team offers a full-service concierge design program. You will receive full color layout and isometric drawings of your space so you will know exactly what your final product will look like before we start.
5. How long will my project take?
There are many factors that play a role in determining the amount of time a project takes. In today's world material availability is the biggest determining factor. RRC has accounts with many national material suppliers and vendors. If you want it, the odds are we can get it faster than most.