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A single family residence

Townhouse This building has 15 roof sections shown. Roof sections 1 through 10 are separated by elevation and possibly material type. Sections 11 through 15 are separated by property lines.

A townhouse

Condominium This building has 11 roof sections shown. Roof sections 1 through 10 are separated by elevation and possibly material type. Unlike the townhouse, the roof atop a condominium is not separated by property lines and is only one section.

A condominium

Related Work Section 502.3 in the 2017 (Sixth Edition) Florida Building Code Existing Building

Related work:

Work on nondamaged components that is necessary for the required work repair of damaged products shall be considered part of the repair and shall not be subject to the provisions of Chapter 6, 7, 8 9, or 11. On December 31, 2020, the 2020 (7th Edition) Florida Building Code went into effect. As part of the 2020 Florida Building Code – Existing Building, some of the chapters were revised. In the older code edition, there was some confusion as to what was a “repair” and what was an “alteration.” As part of the 2020 7th Edition, “repairs” are now separated from “alterations.” The repairs section now has its own chapter (Chapter 4).

When “repairs” was pulled out of the old Chapter 5 and moved to Chapter 4, the term “related work” (and its definition) were inadvertently left out of the new version of Chapter 4. This led to the misinterpretation that “related work” was no longer in the Building Code and as such was no longer excluded from the repair calculation. In other words, some were of the opinion that the non-damaged items adjacent to the items requiring repair and disturbed by the repair activities could no longer be deemed non-damaged items. In response to this misinterpretation the Florida Building Commission provided clarification within its Declaratory Statement, DS 2021-007. In DS 2021-007, the Commission is stated:

In accordance with the definition of the term “Roof Section” in section 202, Florida Building Code, Existing Building, 7th Edition (2020), and the provisions of section 706.1.1, Florida Building Code, Existing Building, 7th Edition (2020), related work which involves the removal and installation of components for the purpose of connecting repaired areas to unrepaired areas (roof areas required for a proper tie-off) shall not be considered part of the roof repair in question, and therefore such related work shall not be counted toward the 25 percent threshold stated in section 706.1.1, Florida Building Code, Existing Building, 7th Edition (2020).

As such, related work necessary to address the primary work area shall not be included in the calculations to determine the total percentage of the roof area. In other words, the non-damaged items adjacent to the items requiring repair remain non-damaged items whether they are disturbed or not. Conclusion

The 25% rule related to roofing in the State of Florida has undergone some administrative changes in order to clarify the way it is applied. Namely, Senate Bill 4-D established the threshold date to follow that of the 2007 Florida Building Code (March 1, 2009) and Declaratory DS 2021-007 issued by the Florida Building Commission has effectively brought “related work” back into the determination process.